The founding of the CHEFO has already made history in our communities. The most historic accomplishments of CHEFO, however, are yet to come. This is why philanthropic giving and financial partnership with CHEFO presents such an enormous opportunity to Communities we work in. CHEFO's vision and strategy are based on four pillars: Community Leadership, Innovative Learning, Responsible Citizenship and Thriving Location. Supporting CHEFO means supporting these four pillars. 

  1. Prepare Next Generation of Global Leaders
  2. Sustain Innovative Learning
  3. Cultivate Social Responsibility
  4. Build a Thriving Nation

Supporting CHEFO means supporting child development, youth education, girl child mentoring and community development, but also supporting an influential center of free-thinking and individual accomplishment. The leaders produced by our various programs and key education institution will go on to do great good in the global community.  

How to give

Giving to CHEFO can impact not only the quality of community development initiatives, education we offer, but also provide a support that can tangibly impact lives of CHEFO community of beneficiaries

You can do it through capital gifts or corporate giving, or solely donation as an individual. However you choose to support the CHEFO community, know that your generosity is essential in enabling CHEFO to achieve its worthy mission.

You may choose many ways to support CHEFO. Your generous support will help us to sustain our community programs, launch new programs, mentor girls, encourage knowledge production and dissemination through our programs, cultivate new sense of humanity and enhance their international recognition, award our students for their outstanding academic performance, integrity, ethics and willingness to give back to society. 

To meet your goals and benefits, we offer several Naming Opportunities. Once you make a capital gift to our endowment fund, we will name facilities, programs, centers, scholarships etc of your choice after you. Such a naming opportunity will remain valid for no less than 15 years. 

You may also elect to support our current operation through sponsorships. Such sponsorships underwrite our current programs and projects. 

What we offer

You are free to contribute towards building a classroom, offer girls educational support and mentorship or student support, pick the one you feel close to and make that named after you